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Wednesday, January 25, 2012 - 2:25 AM
Sleepless night

Now where should i start? Psft im not too sure lor.
Oh well, been so many things that bothers and stuff. Hate it much, tskkk.
And congrats to Mimin for his newborn son. Idk whats the name, ya that son
look so so cute. The eyes look totally like him, hahaha. Well, hope so not the same
attitude horr. Another thing.. urmmm?? k im a bit blank now but i wanna post.
Life had been so so sick for me, seriously. Suffered too much already, what else more??
cb siahhh. i dont blame the "ujian/cobaan" but i blame the person..and me? i guess.
ermm ya, i wonder what boys/guys really want from girls/women. thefugg.
guys come on, wake up lah. Be like a man, no more boys. what you guys been thinking abt?
If i could just call every guy and knock their head with my heels, psft. cb


- 2:20 AM
Miss this

Hi. Its been so so long that i've didnt post at this "dead blog" hahaha. k cool, now im back in the house yaw. Change everything and all, so yah no tagboard anymore. Dont need that anymore, well everything stated here is for me to post and whoever stalker gonna stalk but dont need ya comment alright? Tksm. And yeah, i miss you Blog. Hahahha!


Saturday, May 21, 2011 - 2:48 PM
so yesterday.

yesterday evening, i hurt him with my final words before i hang up call.
told him that i felt like going ZIRCA this coming 30th May.
he was like, pissed. even though we're not together anymore,
doesn't mean we cannot contact back as usual and stuff.
even if his att, yeah at first i was like oh my his att. but, he said it's okay to contacting
him as he let his girlfriend contact back with her ex boyfriend. then i was like,
ouhhh okay okay. so from there, i was like happy to hear his voice.
i miss him though, what to do. even if he did say his a bad person and all,
i fuck care okay. if he is really one of that bad person, why would i accept him
back whenever he wants me? am i right? why i do give him chances if he always
hurt me? why must i always give face and stuff if he keep on saying that his a bad person?
oh deary, please. as human being that still live in the Mother Earth, doesn't fail to
make mistakes and hurt people all stuff. listen, every body do make mistakes like i do
too. even if i had said, i hated you and stuff. it's because, deep inside my hear there's
still you. i've never hated people and treat them like an enemy of mine. i have heart.
even if the person did totally bad shit towards me, i would be angry and stuff. but,
later ill forget about it. seriously, no point of revenge and return. no point.
whatever happens, every body will get hurt too. no one will end happy, maybe.
no happy ending in life, but in stories. never i heard there's a happy ending i real life.
i didn't even get to hear any of it. well, whatever it is. i'll never forget what love is.
even if people always say, love is blind and all. for me, yeah it is. but, i don't really
take it as a love is blind, love makes you stupid and all. in the end, you people will
fall in love too right? no matter how hurt you are, you'll fallen too. oh yah, let continue back
what i've paused. my ex boyfriend said, if i really go. he'll airwall. what the fuck?
no i won't let him airwall, and faced the wall. no i won't ! but why? i was just like,
wanna explore the world of clubbing. that's all. hell yeah, he got alot of connections.
goooosh. after he left me, i started back my old fucker life. don't need to mention what,
i know myself. i'm not blaming him for what i do now. but, he kept saying that he feel
so guilty for making me hurt. further more, i'm like this condition. like, i'm the old me
the fucker one. he said, if i did and he'll be the old fucker him too. and i was like, what the hell?
what's that for? this is me what, i know what i'm doing. he has his girlfriend, why care about me
only after he left me? i'm solo, i know what to do. why must he bother what imma gonna
do now and then. i was wondering why you know. yeah, maybe he still care for me. but he
have to care much to his girlfriend. but not me. i did mcg mcg mcg and mcg him,
yet he didn't reply. i know, it's not him that yesterday night. he was totally different.
not him, not him ! okay whatever. hope, he didn't do stupid things there.
yesterday he as working. i hope, theres nothing happen please? haiyoooo.
okay lah, bye.

Monday, May 16, 2011 - 11:02 PM
Bye 160411

To be honest, I MISS HIM ALOT.
Today is the MONTHSARY of us, actually.
But it seems to be gone, before th Annivasary reach.
160411, GONE !
Thanks for everything My ex, thanks alot.

Saturday, May 14, 2011 - 8:23 PM
it's not me.

You can did that ^^ to her. But not me, its not worth it if you did to me when you're jerking around. Oh sorry, this is totally not me. You better fuck her ups and downs if you want. Better give her your all, because she's the one that lost and not me. Do it with her anywhere you like. I know, you'll love it. 'Cause, every guys like it most. Am i right? She can give her everything to you, but not me. Until i married, and i'll give my all. We're Muslims, so bare that in mind. You ever told me that you feel regret after you've lost yours at age of thirteen. Why now you felt regret? I thought, you enjoy it? Well, its up to me to talk things like this alright? 'Cause, you'll never stop hurting me with your words. Thanks.

- 3:28 PM

Hi people. Hell yeah, I'm back. Sorry fr not updating lah kan. Itupun, taktau siape yang reading my blog nie. Takpelah, nak taknak read. Tak kesah. Blog nie bukan lah confidential sangat. Hhmm. Nie update pun sebab, nak refresh blog. Change everything. Look so f dead, that's why. Hhmm.
See yaa. ^^

Monday, March 14, 2011 - 9:26 PM
footprints on my heart

Muhammad Iswandy Bin Bohari ~ Where you? I miss you like hell. Come home quick lah baby boy.
Pegi Malaysia ke buat Malaysia? Hahhaa. Wish you were here with me seeing me playing laptop infront of you. Baby, urgh i miss you. Errr, hope you come back home quick love. Meet up asap when you're in Singapore alright? I need your warm hug. Hahaha ! And and, a sweet kiss on my forehead. Hahaha. Baby, you're sweet like a sugar. Hahahaha ! Awww, i miss everything that we do. Ish, shhh. Hhahaha ! Well, yesterday night i was thinking how you were doing in the middle of the night. Each steps you take, i count it as our love journey. Everytime. Its hard for me and you to let go of each other. Maybe, dah jodoh kot? Hahah. Seriously, i don't know why we can't let go. Hahaha, whatever lorr. Our relationships still stand tall and high. hahaha, chey. Okay lorr, i wanna go slack for while. Anything i'll just update alright? Hahaha. Bye bye.